Celebrating 25 years at the pinnacle of bolt-action form and function, the Dakota® Model 76™ was developed by Don Allen and Pete Grisel in 1986. It exemplifies the very best of bolt-action innovation with the exquisite lines and impeccable shot-to-shot precision created only through the individual attention of Dakota craftsmen. The action combines the best features of the pre-64 Model 70, with a Mauser-type extractor for controlled round feed and ultra-positive extraction.

Today, the Dakota 76 is one of the most desirable hunting rifles in the world, proven on every continent, in every climate, and on every type of game. It has deservedly taken its place among the legendary rifles of the 20th--and 21st centuries.

The Dakota 76 is offered in Classic, Safari and African grades, with Alpine , Traveler and Mannlicher versions also available. All feature controlled round feeding and positive extraction; the extractor, underneath the locking lug and positioned at the end of the bolt, opens fully to insure that the next round feeds smoothly. The three-position safety allows the bolt to be operated with the safety on. The one-piece trigger guard and hinged floorplate are machined from solid bar stock. Every Dakota 76 can be custom-tailored to your size and tastes, with a wide range of optional features.

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