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Once in a lifetime. Priceless. Memorable. Trophy. These words describe the hunt you'll never forget. These words describe the Dakota firearm you'll take with you. The pinnacle in firearms quality, materials and performance.
Dakota. Deadly sophistication.

Model 76 Safari

MODEL 76 Safari

For more than thirty years, the classic Model 76 has claimed its rightful place as the most coveted custom rifle on the market…

Model 97 Outfitter

MODEL 97 Outfitter

Crafted with the supreme quality and precision the Dakota name was built on. It features a lighter, round-body configuration…

Model 10 Deluxe

MODEL 10 Deluxe

The epitome of strength and beauty among single-shot rifles. Our famous Model 10 is lightweight, pleasing to the eye and…



Crafted to benchrest tolerances with the combined talents of Dakota Arms and Nesika, the Varminter is built from the ground…



An American legend, the 1874 Sharps rifle has been made with the impeccable style and quality only offered by Dakota Arms.…

Dakota Arms

Firearms Crafted With The Supreme Quality & Precision The Dakota Name Was Built On.

For the hunter or shooter with uncompromising standards. Dakota rifles are custom-tailored to your exact specifications. Far more than high-end hunting rifles, they are timeless, cherished works of art - the pinnacle of materials, quality and performance.